Sunday, April 6, 2008

QOW7: question of the week 7April2008

This week's lesson is about Jesus the powerful healer; do you have an experience of healing or recovery from injury or illness that you would like to share? Please click on the "comments" link below to tell your story.

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GiGi Stewart said...

I have several to choose from. Broken collar bone. Infertility. Gallbladder. Choledocal Cyst Type 4A. I guess I will go with the most recent. I went in to have my gallbladder removed and my surgeon noticed that something was wrong with my bile duct. I am so thankful that I had a thorough surgeon. I was sent to a liver specialist and diagnosed with Choledocal Cyst Type 4A which means that I have cysts in my bile duct. The bile duct is located outside of the liver and goes into the liver and branches out like a tree inside of the liver. The bile duct located on the outside of my liver had to be removed and replaced with a piece of my intestine to help prevent me from contracting liver cancer. Not an easy surgery - rather complicated actually. I was in the hospital for 9 days and have an 8 1/2 inch vertical scar that curves around my belly button. God has taken care of me so well though. So many prayers were offered on my behalf and so many people took care of me and my family after the surgery. Today I am healthy and strong. Praise God!