Sunday, March 2, 2008

QOW: question of the week 2March2008

Who was most responsible for bringing you to a life with Christ?
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Anonymous said...

My parents were definitely responsible for 'bringing' me to a life with Christ. But it's my brothers and sisters in Christ at every congregation that I've attended that help me grow in my relationship with Christ!

Praise God for the blessing of friendship!

~Amy Hayes

Bridget said...

I grew up going to a church, but not believing....Then one day my husband "begged" me to go to a bible study, with two members of the the church. I was not thrilled, and honestly tried to reason away what I knew in my heart and soul to be true. That God did love me, and that I was forgiven for all my sins. I was baptized at the age of 23! But, thanks to the love of my brother and sister in Christ, Curtis and Stefanie, I could finally accept the unconditional love that Christ had for me all along.


Brett said...

My mom was the one that took me to church at a very young age. In high school I fell away and had stopped comming. After meeting The woman of my dreams, and her father, I had to attend church with them, or not date her. I started comming and started growing. After 24 years being married to such a strong Christian woman, its easy to say that gina is most responsible for bring me to the Lord.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in the church. My parents were definitely the ones who laid the foundation for my faith. But, my faith has grown so much stronger over the years due to the people that God has brought into my life. My grandparents and the amazing examples they were to me, my brothers and sisters in Christ that have taught me and encouraged me, and my husband who opened my heart to who Christ really was and is. Without all of these people I would not have really "come" to Christ. Glory to our Father for how He works in our lives.

~GiGi Stewart

Tim said...

Growing up, my mother Jane shared her faith with my two sisters Marsha and Elizabeth and myself. Our family attended church at 29th, usually three times each week throughout my childhood. Bible stories were read, and prayers recited every night before bedtime. Baptized at an early age, I continued to attend church regularly through high school, active in the youth group and seemingly grounded as a young Christian man. When I moved to Stillwater to attend college my life changed dramatically. Church attendance became sporadic and then non-existent. My faith wavered, flickered, and for a time was all but gone. It would be seventeen years before I would return to the church. Thank God for the faithful and fervent prayers of my mother. She never doubted that I would one day return. Trish and I moved back to Tulsa in 1997. The Lord was looking after me and I found myself in a men's class led by Jim Roberts. Brother Roberts (now active at the Contact Church of Christ) was able to lead me back to the path that I had abandoned so many years before. Praise the Lord, He is faithful, He is merciful. Amen.