Sunday, March 9, 2008

QOW3: question of the week 9March2008

Have you ever been rescued? Have you ever been the rescuer? Please click on the "comments" link below to share your story.

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Anonymous said...

I am taking your question LITERALLY! I have been rescued from the depths of the raging Colorado River.

When Daryl was a youth minister, we took the youth group on a mission trip to Logan, New Mexico. After a week of teaching VBS there, the kids got to go rafting on the Colorado River. I was a little hesitant to go rafting, but I didn't want to be a party pooper.

Our rafting guide was a strong, 'natural' kind of girl. I think she had more hair on her legs than Daryl! Anyway, she gave us her whole speech about how she'd never lost anyone in her many years of rafting, but if we happened to fall out we should float on our backside. But again she reassured us that the river wasn't too rough, so she wasn't expecting anything to go wrong.

Leave it to me to ruin her perfect record! We got to the roughest part of the river,hit a rock or something, and I just popped right out of the raft! Thank goodness I listened to her speech! I quickly flipped onto my back and was swept towards an army of rocks. I was determined not to drown, hit my stomach on a rock and not to lose my glasses! I could hear the guide shouting orders at the rest of the people in our raft, and right as I was about to float right past our raft, she reached out and flung me back into the boat! I told you she was strong!!!

Then she asked two things, "Are you okay? Why are you rafting if you are PREGNANT??" The rafting agency said it would be safe for me to go. She didn't agree.

I was never more thankful for a hairy woman in my life! I ended up with lots of bruises and scratches, but I didn't lose my baby (Spencer) or my glasses!

Sorry such a long story!

~Amy Hayes