Sunday, March 30, 2008

QOW6: question of the week 31March2008

How have you blessed someone in your life this week? Please click on the "comments" link below to share your story.


Tim said...

I visited an older client who is homebound due to illness, brought her a bag of oreos, a card and a smile. I hope that it was a blessing for her, she is a sweet lady.

Big O said...

A couple of weeks ago a family shared 3 bicycles with Contact. Today I was able to pass that blessing along to a young man (20) who walks 3 miles to work. He was pretty excited about the "old school" bike that will cut his 1 hour commute to 20 minutes or so.

Amy said...

This is a hard one. We don't usually comment on what we've done for others...oh well, here goes.

This time of year gets pretty stressful at school. People get edgy and grouchy. So I brought donuts in for my 5th grade team of teachers to celebrate and answered prayer and to just tell them how much I appreciate them. I don't think we tell each other enough how much they mean to us. God has blessed me with a wonderful group of ladies to work with, and I felt I need to let them know that!